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Achieve all your health and fitness goals at Solutions Health and Fitness Club. We have years of experience helping you meet and exceed your fitness goals, no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Solutions is a friendly, passionate, social environment where you can choose from a wide range group fitness classes, separate female only gym, state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, circuits, spinning, free weights, indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Whatever your exercise goals, we will help you achieve them by offering a motivating, fun exercise environment and a wealth of expertise through our qualified and friendly staff.

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Dear members,

Have you ever tried small group training before? If yes let us know what your exepreience was like and if no the reason why you do not want to or can’t take part in group training sessions.

Here are 5 reasons why group training can benfit your workout.

1. More personal attention – Compared to a large class which can involve up 10-25 members of the gym. Small group training allows you to recieve extra attention from a fitness professional. Doing small group training also allows you receive nutritional advise and adivce when training alone also.

2. More econmonical – Training with a personal trainers attention will prove to be more effectively as it will encourage you to push your bounderies while also learning new things in the gym. It can also be more affordable than 1 to 1 training.

3. Variety – Working with a personal trainer will bring a large varieties of workouts as the trainer will constantly be looking to evolve and progress your training. Preventing boredem and decrease in motivation.

4. Results – Your goals will more likely be achieved as you will be working towards them on a more frequent basis and will have a lot more structure to your training.

5. Support – Having a 1 to 1 session with a personal trainer will always provide support but training with a small group as well as a trainer will only enchance and increase the support given as you will be working towards similar goals.

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Autumn – the season of the squash! What better way to incorporate them into your dish than this…..

Chicken & Tomato–Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
FULL RECIPE: bzfd.it/2dGWoQU

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85 and still bodybuilding! Like if you hope to be as active at 85!

This 85-year-old man is the oldest bodybuilder ever.

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Don’t undo your hard work from the week. Overdoing it on the weekend can get in all the calories that you painfully avoided through the week. Indulge in moderation….

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