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Achieve all your health and fitness goals at Solutions Health and Fitness Club. We have years of experience helping you meet and exceed your fitness goals, no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Solutions is a friendly, passionate, social environment where you can choose from a wide range group fitness classes, separate female only gym, state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, circuits, spinning, free weights, indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Whatever your exercise goals, we will help you achieve them by offering a motivating, fun exercise environment and a wealth of expertise through our qualified and friendly staff.

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Ignore the expiration dates on your food…here is how long your food should last. Like if you are a sell by date sceptic!

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Work in an office? Sit on your butt all day? Remember to do some glute activation exercises before you work out. ow.ly/XTmz30aWp05

3,573 Likes, 114 Comments – ELF (@emlouisefitness) on Instagram: “🍑 Glute activation ☑️ Just wanted to show you one of the typical routines I do to…

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Get off the "Sad Step" people…it’s not all about losing weight! Photo: emlouisefitness
"I started my journey by drastically eliminating ‘bad foods’ from my diet and doing regular cardio, but as I began investigating and reading more, I began to understand that to really achieve my goals, which essentially was to become stronger and more toned, I’d have to do things a bit differently. Essentially lift heavy things and eat a bit more."

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Sick of plain old scrambled eggs? Mix things up with a different variety! A personal favourite is goose egg if you like them creamy!

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