Welcome to Solutions…

Achieve all your health and fitness goals at Solutions Health and Fitness Club. We have years of experience helping you meet and exceed your fitness goals, no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Solutions is a friendly, passionate, social environment where you can choose from a wide range group fitness classes, separate female only gym, state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, circuits, spinning, free weights, indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Whatever your exercise goals, we will help you achieve them by offering a motivating, fun exercise environment and a wealth of expertise through our qualified and friendly staff.

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5 Mile Run vs. 30 Minutes of Weights…. You be the judge.

5 Mile Run vs. 30 Minutes of Weights

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Who already swears by the spice?

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Perfect afternoon snack…guilt-free and just 300 calories!

Guilt-Free Sweet Potato Chips & Dig

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Stay clear of low fat foods…did you know low fat food generally contains 5 times the amount of sugar compared with it’s full-fat counterpart? And higher levels of sugar lead to an increased chance for diabetes, heart disease, and dental issues… it turns out that low-fat is likely the worst option you can choose if you’re trying to watch your health!

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